Monday, December 1, 2014

Teaching Event December 12

Friday, December 12, 2014
Japanese American Museum
535 North Fifth Street
San Jose, California 95112
Phone (408) 294-3138

Make 2 cards and 4 pieces of stencil techniques. I will also bring items for a trunk sale. Overstock stencils will be at a deep discount.

Card 1: Glitter Snowflake from Kiku mon.
Card 2: Emboss and cut kokeshi.
Four stencil techniques
  1. dry emboss on vellum 
  2. stamping with a stencil 
  3. stenciling with pigment ink pads 
  4. heat emboss daruma 

Stencil A13 Soto Yatsu Kan Nijuroku Kan Kiku
The middle round with the chrysanthemum uses the full-glitter technique. I describe that here.
The rest of the card is cut with Spellbinders dies.

Stencil A19 Kokeshi
The kokeshi is in three pieces. Emboss, cut and glue.Use chalk and pen for details. The red is the blossom die from Spellbinders.

Vellum turns white where it stretches. Hand emboss with a stylus, move the stencil and keep repeating portions of the stencil.
You can practice on any stencil I bring. This one is Higa shi Yokujuo Fuji A12.

Heated foam can be pressed into a stencil to form a stamp. This is such a fun option with stencils. This is the Hana Kaji A16.

Using a stipple brush and pigment inks, you can blend colors through the stencil. This is the hollyhock, Kawari Aoi Kiri A47


This slick daruma-san is made from blue pearl embossing powder. First dry emboss the paper. Without removing the stencil, tamp on ink. Remove the stencil, pour on embossing powder and melt with a heat tool. Very cool!